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Tirana is the capital of Albania and also the most important political, economic and cultural centre of the country. It is located in a very favorable position, right in the centre of the country, at an altitude of 113 meters above the sea level. lexo me shume..
• Berat
Berat is known as the “City of One-Thousands windows” due to the characteristic architecture of its houses. The city was originally Illyrian, as one can see from the great blocks of stone at the base of the fortress walls.

• Gjirokastra
Gjirokastra is one of the most attractive towns of Albania. Gjirokastra has been called the City of One thousand Steps or The Stone City.

It is the second largest city of Albania in terms of size, but also the largest most important port in the country. Durrλs is one of the oldest towns in Albania with a long and turbulent history. According to ancient sources Durrλs was founded in year 627 B.C by colonists from Corcyra and Corinth and settled in the territories of the Illyrian tribe of Taulantii. Initially, it was known by the name of Epidamnus, while later, by the name of Dyrrhachium.
The town has a rich history. In antique times, it was known by the name of Aulona, which was given to it by early Hellenic settlers. In the Middle Ages the Vlora region became an object of contention between various international powers that wanted to maintain a hold on Albania.
  Te Reja
• Petrela Castle

• Preza Castle

• Albanopolis

• Tepelena

• Permet

• Erseka

• Oricum

• Kanina

• Apollonia

• Shkodra

• Lezha

• Kavaja

• Rrλshen

• Puka

• Peshkopia

• Kukes

• Burreli

• Burreli

• Bajram Curri

• Himara

• Butrinti

• Pogradeci

• Korηa

• Elbasan

• Nikaia - Klos

• Byllis

• Ardenica

• Kruja - The Richest Town

• Saranda

• Vlora

• Durres

• Gjirokastra

• Berat

• Tirana

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