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Entry by roadways
From Montenegro

Through Hani I Hotit and Murriqan-Sukobina. The first road leads to the Northern City of Shkodra and Lake Shkodra, while the second links Shkodra with Ulcinj Montenegro.
Recently opened is Vermoshi, which links the region of Kelmendi in Albania with Plava and Gucia (Gusinje) in Montenegro.

From Macedonia

Through Qafe Thana pass leading to Pogradec, Librazhd and Elbasan.
From Tushemisht, at the Southeastern end of Lake Ohrid, leading to Pogradec.
From Bllata, leading to Peshkopi or Bulqiza and Burrel.
From Gorica the road leads to the northern shores of Lake Prespa.

From Kosova

Through Morina pass, which links Kukes, Albania, with Pristina, Kosovo.

From Greece

Through Kapshtica leading to Korça.
From Kakavija Leading to Gjirokastra.
At Qafe Boti Konispol is connected to Filat, and at Tre Urat, connecting Permet with Konica.

There are regular bus services between the following cities:
Tirana - Tetova, Macedonia, through Qafe Thana
Tirana - Prishtina and other towns in Kosovo through Morina
Korça - Thessalonica, Greece, through Kapshtica
Tirana - Athens through Kakavija
Tirana - Sofia, Bulgaria, and Istanbul from Qafe Thana

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