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Visa Procedures and Customs
Visa procedures

All the foreigners* from the countries in the table below, can enter the Republic of Albania without a visa, with the passport and by paying 10 Euros.
The foreigners that enter without a visa have the right to stay in Albania only 30 days for an entry and they may stay up to 90 days within the calendar year.


The citizens of the following countries may obtain a visa at any entry point by payment:
FYR Macedonia (10 euros; at the Embassy 5 euros), Montenegro (free of charge), Israel (30 euros).

The citizens of other countries are required to obtain visas at the missions of the Republic of Albania that cover the country of residence. These missions can also provide them with the necessary information about Albania. The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site carries information in English and Albanian about visa requirements and where to apply.


All personal items, new or old may be taken into Albania without incurring custom duties. A reasonable amount of tobacco, beverages and perfumes for personal use is allowed.

Prohibited items include firearms, ammunition, narcotics, drugs and goods jeopardizing the observance of public order and social security. Special export permits are required for precious metals, ancient coins and scroll, antiques, books and works of art, which are considered to be part of national culture and heritage.

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