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Albanian Historical Places
Some notable historical places are:

Kavaja Rock – where in 48 B.C. Caesar defeated Pompey once and for all.

Shën  Gjini – in antiquity it was named Nympeon and later Caesarea. Mark Anthony’s fleet landed here on its way to help Caesar against Pompey.  
Lezha Island - village to the South of Lezha. In medieval times it was called Meda’s village. In 1501 Skanderbeg’s nephew or Skanderbeg Junior landed here from Italy in order to start an anti-Ottoman insurrection.

Savra Field – 3 km far from Lushnja, this field is on the Lushnja-Fier road. Here the first Albanian-Turkish battle occurred in 1385. In this battle Balsha II was killed.

Milot Field – In 7 September 1457 the battle of Albulena occurred here. It was the second siege of Kruja when an Albanian army led by Skanderbeg broke the surrounding Turkish army. The defeat was chronicled in considerable detail by Ottoman chronicler Evlia Çelepiu. The Battle of Albulena was one of the greatest victories of Skanderbeg.

Borova village – in the region of Kolonja, a mausoleum commemorates the 107 people of Borova who were executed by Nazi Germans on 6 July 1943.

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