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Adriatc, Ioanian Coast

Adriatic Coast
Albanian Beaches - Plazhet ShqiptareThe Adriatic coast starts in the delta of Buna river by the city of Shkodra. Once upon a time, this was a Dalmatian coast with deep waters and a number of islands. Now it has shallow waters as a result of the delta of the country’s largest rivers.A number of fields exist to the south of Buna. The formation of snaking underwater beds has created a number of bays and lagoons. The delta continues to grow every year by several meters. This land expansion is larger in the south in Myzeqe and slower in the north near Lezha.

The artificial irrigation systems build in Durrës in the 1970s quickened the process. This evolution has increased the tourist value of the area with beaches such as: Velipoja, Shengjini, Kune, Gjiri Lalzit, Durresi, Golemi, Mali Robit, Spille, Divjaka, Darezeza and Plazhi i Ri Vlorë.

Albanian CoastBy the Adriatic coast you will find clean sea waters, high quality service, traditional and modern cuisine, lagoons, lakes and rivers. There are great possibilities for nature lovers, eco-tourists and others. Hunting too can be practiced in the region’s rich ecosystem.

Ionian coast
It starts in Uji i Ftohtë (Cold Water) in Vlora and continues with few interruptions all the way to the Cape of Stillo. It has a high abrasive intensity because the sea is deep while river deltas are lacking. As a result, waves on the Ionian can reach up to 4 m while the coastline is rocky. On the coast you will find a number of small bays and comfortable beaches. Some of them are rarely visited due to the difficult access roads which may make your experience all the more intimate.

Some large tectonic bays are: Vlora Bay, Porto Palermo, Saranda Bay etc. Here you can dive, sail, fish etc.

The Albanian Riviera coastline has high temperatures and therefore a subtropical flora. The Riviera is one of the most picturesque places of the Mediterranean with a lot of tourist potential. In the last few years, the number of visitors has increased exponentially.

Beach DurresThe presence of lakes, lagoons, rivers, deltas and seas in Albania points towards the development of water tourism. The Mediterranean climate offers ideal conditions for holidays in the deltas as well as elsewhere on the coast. Especially in the south, tourists start visiting the beaches in late April and stop in October.

Moreover, since the coastline has a long history of Greek, Illyrian and Roman settlements, visiting Albania’s coast can be a great experience for history buffs.

There are a number of historical facts, cultural and archaeological objects that point to a population that lived here since the Palaeolithic era. In medieval times too a number of cities in the coast flourished offering visitors a rich cultural inheritance.


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