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The total inland water surface is 1350 km2, composed by natural lakes, artificial lakes, coastal lagoons and river network. Island surface 95.8 km2 is constituted of sandy islands, parts of coastal lagoons, rocky islands, which are separated from the lad. Albania is rich in rivers (721 km)   and streams. The regime of the rivers and streams is torrential with great differences in the amount of water they carry from season to season, a fact that explains their eroding capacity. The rivers are very important for the irrigation of the land and for the production of hydroelectric power. The most important rivers are Drin in the north, Shkumbin and Seman in  the south. The Drin River has two springs, one coming from Lake Ohrid and the other from Kosova. The longest river in Albania is Seman, which is 281 km and is divided into two separate branches, Devoll and Osum. The river Vjosa, 272 km long, originates from Smolika mountain, which is the most torrent in Albania. Other rivers to mention are  Erzen, Mat and Ishem, however the only navigable river is  Buna in the north of the country. 



Lakes               Area in square km2      Altitude above                          Maximum

                                                            Sea level in meters                    Depth in meters


Natural lakes

Shkoder                       149                  4.5                                           9.0

Ohri                             111.4               695.0                                       287.0

Prespa                          49.5                 853.0                                       35.0

Butrinti                          16.3                 0.0                                           21.4


Artificial lakes 

Fierza                           72.5                 295.0                                       128.0

Vau i Dejes                  24.7                 74.0                                        52.0

Ulza                             12.5                 128.5                                       61.0

Komani                        13.0                 170.0                                       96.0 

There are four natural freshwater lakes 9326km), Shkodra, Ohri, Prespa, Butrinti, all of which share borders with Greece and former Yugoslavia. Lura Lakes (12 lakes) situated in the northern part of Albania cover a square of 100 hectare. There are also numerous artificial lakes (9174 km) created as a result of hydroelectric power stations damming key rivers. The largest artificial lakes are concentrated in the North, around Tropoja, Kukes and across to Shkodra. Five lake zones are potentially available for tourism development, mainly hotels, holiday villages and individual leisure facilities.
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