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Albanian Coastline
Albania’s coastline is one of its greatest assets. Its total length is 427 km, which is very clean by Mediterranean norms. There are two distinct zones: the Adriatic and the Ionian. The Adriatic coast is 273 km long, which has shallow water and long sandy beaches (up to 5 km). Much of the coast is pine forest. The southern Ionian coast is 154 km long, being rugged and dramatic, with steep backdrops to fine white sandy beaches. The beaches are smaller and rockier here, and the water is deep right from the shore. Citrus, fig and olive trees dominate the landscape, giving it a classical Mediterranean beauty.

There are several environmentally sensitive lagoons (coastal lagoons 130 km2) along the coast, the most important being Karavasta, near Divjaka in the central region, and Butrint in the south. Many migratory birds visit the coasts. Twenty-four coastal zones have been chosen for potential tourism development. This will consist of hotels, holiday villages and marinas in the future.

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