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National Museum Onufri - Berat
Tel.  +355.0(32)32248
Visiting hours:  8°°-16°°. 
Holiday: Monday.
From May to September, visiting hours are: 8.00-13.00; 16.00 – 19.00

National Museum Onufri is located in the center of the inhabited quarter in Berat medieval castle. This museum contains a rich iconografic collection and some religious service items. It is organised in Virgin Mary cathedral, built in 1797 on the foundation of an older church with the same name.
It bears the name odf the most remarkable albanian painter, Onufri, who left a very rich fund of iconographic creation.


This museum complex of the main nave, the altar area, and a serious of auxiliary one-storey rooms in the north and two storey ones in the west. The construction is distinguished for its high altitude, representing an important version of the cult architecture in the period from the 13 th to the 19 th century.
 The museum has three main halls, where the best works of the above –mentioned and others authors are displayed.

Ikon Icons Onufri

Apart from the icons exhibited in the museum, the icon placed in the golden church iconostasis, made by the painter Joan Cetiri, comprise a particular series.
Some textile and metal objects are displayed in glass cases, which give evidence of a very high level handicraft tradition of Berat region.

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