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Kukės is the largest and most important town in North-eastern Albania and an important center linking Albania and Kosovo. Close to the town is the Morine border crossing point (30 km) which links Kukės with Prizren and other parts of Kosovo.
A passenger airport is under construction near Kukës. Until 1925 Kukës was a village in the Luma Region. It was made a town during the reign of King Zog the First.

The former town or Kukësi i Vjetër (Old Kukës) is now under the waters of the Fierza artificial lake built in 1976. The new town was built in the 1970s, at the foot of the Gjallica Mountain. The first bust of Gjergj Kastrioti ever made is exhibited in Kukës. It was inaugurated in 1932 and is a work of the sculptor Odise Paskali.

Natural attractions in Kukës include the Fierza Lake and the stunning Shishtaveci mountain plain.

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