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Rrėshen is a small township 74 km from Tirana. It has been the administrative center of the Mirdita District since 1949. The town lies on the Fan i Vogėl River and can serve as a base from where to visit the tourist attractions of the Mirdita region.
Cultural attractions in the town of Rrëshen include the Rubiku Church.

Natural attractions around Rrëshen include the Valmor-Didha Plain, the Oroshi Mountains (Shejti Mountain) and Kroi i Bardhë (“White Spring”).

 Rrëshen Municipality was institutionalized after 1992 and undertakes its activity in the whole  municipality area and is located in Rrëshen city.

This municipality is acting in accordance with the policy of decentralization and self – governing as well as with the law No. 7572 “For the organization and Functioning of Local Government”

There are 6 Departments within the Municipality: Finacing, Urban, Economic and Public Services, Education Culture and Sport, Agriculture and Livestock .

The staff is composed of 28 people.

Municipal offices lack equipment which is a barrier to improvement of work quality.

Municipal Council is functioning reguraly. Public Services provided by the Municipality are: Water supply, Funeral Services, Decoration, City cleaning, Maintenance of roads and pipes, Maintenance of green areas in city.

City cleaning, decoration, funerals and green areas maintenance are undertaken and funded by the State.  Municipality puts out to tender private firms to take over the activity and exercices control for service ful-fillment.

  Rrëshen and Surroundings.


In ancient times, Rrëshen and its surroundings were inhabitet by the old tribes of Pirust. These tribes are historically well known for their mineral processing skills and as fearsome warriors. The earliest vestiges, from as far as 400 BC are found in Gëziq. Later vestiges (in Kodër Rrëshen, Bukmmirë, Tenë, Malaj) witness historical discoveries of Ilirian, Roman and Arbnor culture.


In Ndërfana, one of the most important  Medieval monuments, the Church of Saint Mary is found. From the some time, inscriptions on the stone and Principality emblem found in Gëziq, testify to the presence of seats of the First Albanian State in XII-XII centuries.

Rrëshen and its suburbs, are parts of lands that were never converted by the Otoman empire but preserved  their self-government right ( the Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini) and their Catholic faith.

Churches of Ndërfana (Shën Mëri), Malaj (Shen Vlashi), Rrëshen (Shnapremte) have been institutions of Christianity but in the intervening time, important cultural, educational and patriotic centers. Rrëshen inhabitants are descendants of Orosh, Kuzhnen, Kthellë ( three bajrak).


Asphalt roads run through Rrëshen, Gëziq, Sheshaj and Prosek. The other villages are using summer paths.Roads are lacking in of Ndërfanë, Tenë, Lurth, Sheshaj. The villages are missing phone lines, but Rrëshen is included in the Master plan of telecom, financed by the EU. The water supply system is a problem in the majority of willages.

Mineral resourses.

The identified resources in the area are:

Copper sources in Derven and Cekaj. Non-metallic resources, used for construction purposes. Underground water that meets drinking and technological requirements. Clay resources for bricks and tiles production.

Demographic data.

Total numbers of inhabitants is 15 234

Number of families : 3824

Privately employed: 603.

Employed by the government: 680.

Retired people: 883.

Handicapped:   110.

City inhabitants: 53.8%

Suburbs inhabitants 46.2%.

Inhabitants of ages 16.25.

Years old: 1325.

Inhabitants of ages 25-35

Years old: 1635.



Rrëshen Municipality is composed of Rrëshen city and 14 villages. Rrëshen is the administrative center of  Mirdita District. The number of inhabitants is 15.234 out of the which 7.030 are living in rural areas. Total surface are of municipality territory is 12014 ha, altitude of 100-900 m above sea level. In Rrëshen governmental, public and cultural institutions are functioning, as well as some NGO-s. There is a “Culture Centre” as well a folk group in the municipality.

Rrëshen is the centre of the Diocese (worship of God) for Mirdita district, Burel, Bulqiza, Peshkopi.

Religion is Catholicism, and and 8 churces and Katedrale, built after 1992 are practising the religion.


Attending middle schools: 532. A dormitory with a capacity for 80 students is attached to Rrëshen Middle School. Attending grammar school: 2466. On these school 191 teachers are employed, out of which 116 university. One kindergarten is operating with a capacity for 55 children. School are going through a difficult situation and there is a need for reconstruction.

Health care.

Rreshen hospitaly has a capacity of 80 beds, 20 physicians, 2 pharmacists and 88 other employees are employed. Ambulant service is covered by 9 health centers, but to supply the actual needs 10 more are necessary. On these centers 19 physicians are employed. Health care is lacking a varied range of necessary equipment. Rrëshen hospitality is servicing the needs of Mirdita district and has 7 departaments.


The “Minatori” sports club is opearating in the city, though last year they faced financial difficulties in undertaking activities. Three teams are very well-known: females Volleyball team, soccer team, and the Youth Voleyball Team presently in the firs category. A sports centre with 1000 seats capacity; and there is also a soccer field. 

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