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Ersekë is a new town founded at the beginning of the eighteenth century. It is located at the bottom of Mt. Gramoz at an altitude of 1,050 m above sea level.
The archaeological discoveries show that this area was inhabited since Neolithic times (6000-3000 B.C). Many of the objects found are displayed today in the Historical Ethnographic Museum of Ersekë.

Many famous politicians, capable publicists, talented teachers, devoted fighters, and brave military commanders, such as Fan Noli, Jani Vreto, Petro Nini Luarasi, and Themistokli Germenji were been born here.
Just like any other area, Ersekë has its own traditions, which are well preserved to this day. 

       • Petrela Castle
       • Preza Castle
       • Albanopolis
       • Tepelena
       • Permet
       • Erseka
       • Oricum
       • Kanina
       • Apollonia
       • Shkodra
       • Lezha
       • Kavaja
       • Rrëshen
       • Puka
       • Peshkopia
       • Kukes
       • Burreli
       • Bajram Curri
       • Himara
       • Butrinti
       • Pogradeci
       • Korça
       • Elbasan
       • Nikaia - Klos
       • Byllis
       • Ardenica
       • Kruja - The Richest Town
       • Saranda
       • Vlora
       • Durres
       • Gjirokastra
       • Berat
       • Tirana

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