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Pėrmet is located in the southeastern part of Albania. In ancient times it was called Tryfilia, and it was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of the Parauej, who settled close to what is called today the Vjosa River.
Historical data show that since early times, Përmet had markets, shops, warehouses and inns. This town is well-known for its hospitality, thrift, and its tradition in the construction and decoration of houses.

Përmet is the place of origin of many reputable and historical figures, such as the Frasheri Brothers, the sculptors Odhise Paskali and Janaq Paco, the historians Stefanaq e Kristo Frasheri, the writer Nonda Bulku, Sejfulla Maleshova, the violin player Tedi Papavrami, the actor Naim Servet Frasheri and others.

Among monuments of interest, it is worth mentioning the house of the Frasheri Brothers, the houses with typical architecture for the area, the Church of St. Mary in Kosine (12th century) and the bridge of Limari over the Zagori River. All these objects stand witness to the culture of this city.

Përmet is known for its blacksmith tradition, silver works and the art of embroidery. It is also known for its metal, wood and stone products. The dances in this area are accompanied by an instrument called the saze, which is well-known both inside and outside the country.


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